GTN-1000G24 Grid Tie Inverter 1000W for 24V battery discharge or PV DC input 26v-45v pure sine wave power inverter (AC:110V(90V-140V))


(as of 08/22/2018 at 21:00 UTC)

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Model: 1000G24-2
Pv module maximum input power: ≤1100
MPPT working voltage range (V):32V-45V
Fit battery voltage:24V
Battery start voltage :24V-32V
Battery shut down voltage:21V-31V
Maximum output power:1000W
Packing list:
1, 1 unit Grid Tie Inverter
2.1 unit Installation and Operation Manual
3.50cm AC cord

Please be noted:
This grid tie inverter cannot be used as off grid/stand alone solar system.
The output need to be connected to the grid power. Can not supply power directly to the AC loads.
Please check the plug and minus when connecting.
Grid Tie Solar inverter – Vmp(of a solar panel) must be in the MPPT range to ensure the good output efficiency
Make sure that no overvoltage is used at the DC input
it will be damaged if wrong connecting.


  • * 1000W grid tie inverter Suitable for open-circuit voltage of solar panels range 26V-45V, Vmp:32V-45V pure sine wave inverter
  • * Compatible with 24V battery, DC power supply, for battery discharge,power supplies energy recovery
  • * color LCD display,LCD distinctively showing status of system.battery working mode and photovoltaic working mode can be set
  • * battery operating mode can be set battery starting voltage, undervoltage protection voltage,output power can be set from 90w-650w
  • * with Anti-island protection, DC overvoltage / overcurrent; AC overvoltage / overcurrent / over frequency; over temperature protection