Green 2011 With Biosphere Technology

Let us start anew in 2011 and begin the shift towards green energy with the revolutionary biosphere technology. The planet has been ailing for centuries because of the pollution man has brought upon her. Mankind’s addiction to efficient energy has made him a slave of brown energy that is slowly dragging the planet to its demise. The said energy that is stained with the blood of the planet has lead to many technological advancements and innovations. And as he made technological progress his appetite for more grew bigger and bigger. And brown energy has been the primary means of quenching this seemingly insatiable hunger. Fortunately, coming along with the New Year is the availability of a new clean invention that can both sate man’s thirst for efficient energy and answer the planet’s woes for cleaner energy.

Biosphere Technology is the materialization of the decades of research and development activities centered at empowering green energy to the point that it can compete head on with conventional forms of energy such as coal and oil. It is also a waste-to-energy process that turns garbage into energy using advanced gasification technologies. It makes use of five distinct stages to subject the trash into conversion. The use of oxygen limiting chambers is the core of the technology’s unparalleled strength. The said limiters hinder the escape of polluting gases into the atmosphere. These gases are the primary culprits behind the green house effect which in turn results to global warming and climate change. Hence, the use of biosphere technology both solves the problems of earth pollution and land pollution. It devours solid wastes and fully eliminates it. It is also able to do so without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere thus effectively preventing future pollution of the air.

Efficiency is the greatest advantage of Biosphere Technology. This efficiency is at par or even better than traditional forms of energy. The oxygen limiters are also the key that make such efficiency possible. Through controlling with exact precision the amount of oxygen introduced to the feedstock, the use of the most efficient temperatures is maintained. The said control also allows the process to reach very intense levels of heat that allows the production of the purest energy particles. The said particles are then gathered into steam of immense heat which is then utilized to power electrical generators.

Biosphere Technology supplies energy while at the same time cleansing our environment of various pollutants. It is our best chance of saving the planet from the impending doom pollutants are bringing upon it. Let us make 2011 the year when the planet goes back to its former green self. It is time to live green. Let us do it for Planet Earth, because caring for the planet is tantamount to taking care of all life on the Biosphere.

Source by D. A. Ocampo

The Phenom of the Energy Industry That Is Biosphere Technology

The Energy Industry is considered a major necessity on Man’s journey towards progress. Technological advancement is constant in energy technologies. Unfortunately, research and development have been centered on efficiency and a few have bothered to search for developments or innovations on the environmental aspect of energy generation. Energy extraction and combustion have come a long way in terms of efficiency, but have barely improved in terms of greenness. This is because suppliers are typically answering the demand. The market of efficient energy is colossal while that of clean energy is very mediocre. This is due to the fact that efficiency is considered by majority as the most important quality of energy. Finally there is now a way to answer both consumers’ demand for efficiency and the planet’s need for green energy. The ultimate solution is here and it is called Biosphere Technology.

Biosphere Technology is a green energy process that utilizes advance gasification techniques. It is clean and supports sustainability while at the same time having a level of efficiency comparable with that of conventional technologies such as fossil fuels. It is with the use of sophisticated gas limiters that both greenness and efficiency is achieved. The limiters permit full control over the amount of oxygen that is able to react with the feedstock. This allows the temperature to be manipulated with precision so that the feedstock is always burnt at the most optimal intensity of heat. The same limiters also prevent gaseous by products from escaping into the atmosphere thus effectively preventing air pollution.

Biosphere Technology not only makes greenness and efficiency meet; it also disposes of waste in order to generate energy. It can be said therefore that this revolutionary solution generates electricity cleanly and efficiently at the cost of solid wastes. Solid waste is something everyone wants gone so its elimination can even be regarded as a bonus.

Source by D. A. Ocampo

Biosphere Gasification Process: Solution to Energy and Waste Problems

Energy generation and waste disposal are two of the most difficult tasks a nation needs to accomplish. Sufficing for both is such a huge challenge though because energy generation itself produces wastes. For decades, much research and development have been invested in searching for ways to generate electricity with little or totally no waste by-products. Such efforts lead to the boom of renewable energy and the rise of the sustainability industry.

The sustainability industry advocates the use of green energy technologies for power generation. Such technologies include solar power, wind power, geothermal power, hydro power, wave power, and other technologies that do little or no harm to the environment. These methods of energy generation, though much less harmful than the prevalent ones such as coal and petroleum, are being held back by the fact that they lack in terms of efficiency, as well as huge capital is needed if they are to be put in large scale processes. As the general use of green energy technologies seems to be very distant, a new discovery has been made that has the potential to revolutionize not only the sustainability industry but the whole energy market.

The biosphere gasification process not only solves the problem of clean energy generation, it also solves the problem of disposing of existing wastes. Biosphere energy, the latest addition to Waste-to-Energy technologies, converts solid wastes into green electricity. It involves the use of biosphere machines to heat the waste materials to extreme temperatures, transforming them into steam and later into electrical power. The entire process is done in oxygen limited chambers thus greatly limiting carbon emissions.

The biosphere gasification technology was developed by Dr. Chris McCormack, a world renowned author of several scientific and environmental books and also the CEO of Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF). The said technology gave birth to the clean energy disposal system named The Biosphere MK-V. The Biosphere MK-V not only entails economic security through oil independence, it also completely eliminates the need for landfills thus freeing up land that can be utilized for other purposes. Not only are solid wastes eliminated with BMK-V, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced by more than 90%, thus slowing the pace of global warming. It is believed that worldwide use of biosphere gasification will not only stop climate change, it will also provide enough room for things to reverse and world temperature to return to normal.

A biosphere process facility needs little initial investment compared to other energy generation technologies. No catalysts are also needed so the operating costs are greatly reduced. One biosphere facility is capable of recycling a maximum of 720 tons of solid wastes as well as destroying up to 172 tons of non-recyclable solid wastes per day.

The biosphere gasification process is already being utilized by developed countries all around the world such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Beirut, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Libya, Italy, Canada, West Africa, Singapore, China, Japan, Russia, Canada, and soon in the Philippines. The said countries are already in the process of planning their transition towards making biosphere technology their primary means of generating electricity. Biosphere gasification has the potential to ultimately solve both the world’s need for energy and its problem on wastes.

Source by D. A. Ocampo