Green 2011 With Biosphere Technology

Let us start anew in 2011 and begin the shift towards green energy with the revolutionary biosphere technology. The planet has been ailing for centuries because of the pollution man has brought upon her. Mankind’s addiction to efficient energy has made him a slave of brown energy that is slowly dragging the planet to its demise. The said energy that is stained with the blood of the planet has lead to many technological advancements and innovations. And as he made technological progress his appetite for more grew bigger and bigger. And brown energy has been the primary means of quenching this seemingly insatiable hunger. Fortunately, coming along with the New Year is the availability of a new clean invention that can both sate man’s thirst for efficient energy and answer the planet’s woes for cleaner energy.

Biosphere Technology is the materialization of the decades of research and development activities centered at empowering green energy to the point that it can compete head on with conventional forms of energy such as coal and oil. It is also a waste-to-energy process that turns garbage into energy using advanced gasification technologies. It makes use of five distinct stages to subject the trash into conversion. The use of oxygen limiting chambers is the core of the technology’s unparalleled strength. The said limiters hinder the escape of polluting gases into the atmosphere. These gases are the primary culprits behind the green house effect which in turn results to global warming and climate change. Hence, the use of biosphere technology both solves the problems of earth pollution and land pollution. It devours solid wastes and fully eliminates it. It is also able to do so without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere thus effectively preventing future pollution of the air.

Efficiency is the greatest advantage of Biosphere Technology. This efficiency is at par or even better than traditional forms of energy. The oxygen limiters are also the key that make such efficiency possible. Through controlling with exact precision the amount of oxygen introduced to the feedstock, the use of the most efficient temperatures is maintained. The said control also allows the process to reach very intense levels of heat that allows the production of the purest energy particles. The said particles are then gathered into steam of immense heat which is then utilized to power electrical generators.

Biosphere Technology supplies energy while at the same time cleansing our environment of various pollutants. It is our best chance of saving the planet from the impending doom pollutants are bringing upon it. Let us make 2011 the year when the planet goes back to its former green self. It is time to live green. Let us do it for Planet Earth, because caring for the planet is tantamount to taking care of all life on the Biosphere.

Source by D. A. Ocampo

Go Green The Bucket Truck Way!

Protecting the environment is one of the important worldwide responsibilities too often neglected. For the past several years, large companies have been called upon to become more aware of the problem of global warming and the decrease in non-renewable energy sources such as crude oil. The effects of the worldwide impact of climate change are being felt in certain parts of the United States in the form of rising atmospheric temperatures – and that could be the result of too many chemicals in the air.

Carbon Emission Problems

Air pollution appears to be causing damage to the environment as well as other living organisms. The presence of chemicals in the air, such as carbon dioxide, is mainly the result of human activities. Extensive research has shown that the major source of this gas in the air is due to internal engine combustion. While carbon dioxide is essential for plant life, too much of it can contribute to global warming.

Hybrid Bucket Trucks

Many utility companies are beginning to purchase hybrid bucket trucks. This effort on the part of these businesses is aimed at protecting the environment by reducing carbon emissions during the operation of this equipment. The introduction of the hybrid bucket truck to the market is in response to the growing demand of utility companies looking for “green” solutions for their fleet of company vehicles. This hybrid technology is not just another alternative; it is an actual solution to help reduce global warming. Using energy other than non-renewable fuel to run heavy equipment greatly reduces the footprint that carbon dioxide leaves on the environment and is a huge step for businesses that are leaning towards going in the “green” direction.

Improved Technology

Hybrid technology has gained popularity with utility companies who are anxious to contribute to improvement of the environment. Companies that have gone this route have also discovered that their effort to help the atmosphere does not have to come at the sacrifice of the productivity found in the technology of a “normal” bucket truck. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

According to manufacturers, a hybrid vehicle is more than a modified bucket truck; it is actually an improvement. Compared to the regular aerial lift, most of the market is enjoying the optimal efficiency that is part of a hybrid bucket truck. Operators can use the lift without worrying about prolonged idling; this can also eliminate a great deal of the noise of a diesel engine running while operating this vehicle.

Another great feature of this hybrid truck is its advanced system. When the vehicle arrives at the work site, the operator can turn off the engine and the boom can then be operated through its battery pack. When the battery power level runs low, the system automatically restarts the engine to power the bucket as well as recharge the battery.

The battery pack can actually be recharged in two ways: by plugging it into a normal power source overnight which recharges the battery to sustain it for an entire day of operation; and through the engine which allows the battery to be recharged while the vehicle is running.

Future Impacts

Through hybrid technology, companies can experience the benefits of a reliable, safe and cost-effective bucket truck. This science greatly reduces the overall operating costs for the company which decreases the dependence on foreign oil. It also improves the condition of the environment by producing cleaner emissions.

Purchasing bucket trucks that are equipped with hybrid technology is one way for utility companies to demonstrate their desire to improve the effects of global warming and help create a better environment. The initiative of high-profile utility companies in using hybrid bucket trucks is a major step in influencing other businesses to develop and use equipment that uses clean energy and to go green the bucket truck way!

Source by Christopher M. Hunter

Internet Business Fax Solutions Can Help Your Company Go Green

Traditionally, businesses used chunky fax machines and an endless supply of paper and cartridge ink to conduct business fax correspondence. Now that businesses are becoming more conscious about the environment and how certain practices negatively impact it, more business owners are looking for solutions that help them conserve. Many consumers are also changing the way they do business by inquiring about a company’s philosophy on environmental conservation and basing their buying decisions on how proactive a company is towards conservation. With a virtual fax service your office can save resources and run more efficiently.

What Is an Internet Fax?

Simply put, an Internet fax is one that relies on the Internet in order to deliver and send your business fax correspondence. With a virtual service you can get rid of your traditional machines, or at least downsize to one machine if you’re currently using machines in every department. With an Internet service, you can receive and send faxes anywhere in the world by simply working through the service.

By sending and receiving virtual faxes you can cut down on paper and energy use and reduce your company’s waste contribution. You can even include information about the technology in your business philosophy to show clients and partnering companies your efforts to go green. If you rely on your business philosophy to gain new clients, being able to show how Internet faxing is improving your business efficiency while decreasing your carbon footprint is one way to impress clients.

How Does It Work?

A computer fax is capable of both sending and receiving faxes. To receive faxes you will need a virtual fax number assigned to you. When a person faxes your office, they’ll dial the number (toll free or local numbers are available) and the document will go through the system. The system converts the information to a.PDF or.TIF file and sends it to your email inbox as an attachment. You are then notified by email, text message, or phone call that you have received a new facsimile. After opening the attachment, you can save, print, take notes on, or forward the information.

To send a business fax you simply log in to the control panel of the system and upload your information. Enter the phone number and the system will send the document to the recipient. If you need to actually have a document faxed to a machine, you can enter the number and the system will send a hard copy of the document to any machine.

Your business efficiency will improve since you can give every employee access to the service. Since the documents can be filed online, anyone can access archived files for reference without having to sift through mounds of paperwork. Your company will also benefit because incoming calls will never again receive a busy signal. The service supports simultaneous faxes so that every caller knows that their facsimile went through to the other party.

Source by Brandi Armstrong

Green Living Through Home Improvement – Your Main Options

Improving your home to make it greener will certainly pay off. You will save water and energy and see a substantial reduction in your utility bills. You will help the environment as well. Here are the most effective home improvement solutions for achieving green living.

You cannot go without using electric appliances, but you can readily opt for energy saving ones. You should start this home improvement task by replacing the large appliances that use up the greatest amounts of electricity or gas. These include radiators, water heating boilers and air conditioners. The next stage should focus on the replacement of kitchen appliances, such as the dishwasher and the fridge. Then you can buy small ones. This method allows you to make the replacement more affordable. In any case, this investment will be totally worth it.

Having the appropriate insulation is an essential aspect of green living that allows you to save energy effectively. The simplest home improvement option is to install insulation panels. You can readily have wood flooring as well. The wall cork tiles are not particularly popular, but they are excellent for insulating living rooms and bedrooms as well as kitchens and dining rooms. You should definitely consider having insulating window frames and treatments.

Saving water is extremely important for green living. One of the simplest and most effective home improvements you can make is to install a shower head that saves water. You can also opt for sink taps and a toilet that will serve the same practical purpose. Some of the more specific solutions to save water include instant water heaters and certain types of waste water filters.

Using solar power energy in your home is definitely a green living option that you should consider. The home improvement is not easy to make. The solar power collecting panels have to be installed. They need to be connected to an energy converter and to the electric system of the house. The materials and the installation are expensive, but you can get your project financed by getting a loan with a preferential interest rate. You can also enjoy some considerable tax allowances. An easier and cheaper solution that you can use initially is to install patio lights and garden fittings, such as pond filters, that work with solar power batteries.

There are even simpler options for accomplishing green living home improvement. You can plant large trees next to your home’s walls for better insulation. You can save energy and water by installing a shower enclosure or a shower curtain.

Source by Emma J Frost

Renewable Energy And Green Careers

Many new college graduates are looking for jobs. While the jobs outlook for many careers in the United States is fairly bleak due to the economy, nevertheless there are some fields in which the jobs market is growing. Sustainable energy is one of those areas. For those with the proper background and experience, as well as those who want to make a difference in how our country operates, a job in renewable resources and sustainable energy may be a perfect fit.

Types of Jobs In Clean Energy

For recent graduates with a degree in engineering, the field of renewable energy offers several different types of careers. Jobs such as electrical engineer, mechanical design and modeling engineer, semiconductor packaging engineer, systems engineer, and a generalist engineer are all used in the renewable resources field. New college graduates may want to look for generalist engineering jobs first.

These are typically entry-level jobs in green energy, and give you an excellent way to build experience in the field for which you have been trained. Some of the requirements that engineers need in order to procure this type of entry-level job is a degree from an accredited university, written and spoken communication skills, as well as practical and analytical ability in the fields of engineering or physics. You will want to be familiar with common computer programs that would be used on the job, such as MS Office Suite. New engineers need to show that they can plan and coordinate projects, and also have the skills to develop and deliver functional reports, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

There are many steps that you can take to make your resume and experience stand out from the other applicants for entry-level green careers in engineering. Learn how to use solid model and drawing creation software programs, and then get experience in the field using them. Any type of job that offers you hands-on experience will also bring your resume to the top of a human resources director’s stack of applicants. Every company wants a new employee who can develop products at low cost, and so if you can get experience in this area it will play well when you are looking for a new green engineering job.

Another area in which you can shine is in that of professional work habits. If you can show that you are innovative in your designing solutions, and have a great attitude and the capability of working fairly long hours, you will be well on your way to finding that new job in clean energy.

Source by Jonathon Blocker

Green Web Hosting – A Corporate Initiative to Save the Planet

Green web hosting is a new trend that is catching up with many businesses worldwide. As it gets more and more crucial to conserve energy and reduce the amount of pollution generated in the environment, web-hosting companies are going green, making a conscious effort to significantly cut down on environmentally harmful activities.

Web hosting companies are coming up with newer, eco-friendly ways to conduct their business. In these companies a lot of energy is consumed in the process of continuously running a server. What these industries are now looking at is an environment friendly way to run these servers and cut down on the harmful impacts on the environment.

There is much more to green web hosting than running servers in an eco-friendly way. These enterprises encourage their employees to pitch in their contributions to a greener planet by activities such as cutting down on excess usage of paper, as well as planting trees whenever they achieve a target or meet a new client.

The idea of using renewable energy to run servers works wonderfully for the environment. These web-hosting industries are going the extra mile to ensure that energy is not wasted and the earth’s resources are not exploited with a selfish motive to bring in the profits for a single company.

While using renewable energy may seem like the perfect solution for a greener environment, not all companies can afford it. However, the good news is that most businesses can purchase renewable energy certificates and benefit from nature friendly energy that is generated by wind, solar as well as biogas.

If you are looking for the right green web hosting company, make sure that you look at how much of green energy it is consuming. By working with an environmentally friendly company, you not just get the best possible services but also the satisfaction of adding in your bit to a safe, clean planet. A growing number of industries are becoming conscious of environmental issues, and web-hosting companies are realizing the strong role they can play in cutting down global warming as well as carbon emissions. These companies can take the effort and contribute significantly to a cleaner earth.

Most green web hosting companies also offer great, discounted deals to non-profit organizations. This is not just a way of spreading their business but also giving other organizations a chance to work with nature friendly, renewable energy sources. It is a great feeling to work in an environmental friendly way, and when you use products that consume less of the resources of this earth, you know you are a part of an active eco-friendly movement.

By choosing a green web hosting company you can also encourage your business associates to play an active role in keeping the earth green and clean. Most of these web-hosting companies also encourage their staff to save energy spent in transportation and instead telecommute. As newer trends emerge in the business world, everyone is looking at better, efficient ways to conserve the energy and resources of the planet. Green web hosting as well as other eco friendly initiatives are tapping into greener alternatives to run businesses and at the same time keep the planet happy.

Source by River C.

Green Real Estate Features

As the health of our environment and our own personal wellness become issues of greater importance, the demand for eco-friendly homes continues to rise. Home builders and developers have responded to this rising demand, and are building “green” properties in greater numbers. According to McGraw-Hill Construction, a home must contain at least 3 of the following 5 elements to be considered green: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource efficiency, water conservation and site management (site management would refer to a home’s exterior use of water resources and electricity).

Buyers can enjoy a multitude of benefits associated with the ownership of eco-friendly properties, not the least of which is significant annual savings on energy bills. Most of all, owners of green properties delight in knowing that they’re effectively doing their part to contribute to a healthier environment.

Preserve Precious Resources

In order to conserve electricity, green properties utilize the power of solar energy. Installation of solar panels can provide most or all of the electricity that a home may need. While this solution is relatively expensive, homeowners can easily recover the cost of their initial investment over time by way of savings on their energy bills. Solar water heaters, which are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install, are a great way to heat your home’s water without the need for electricity or natural gas. Green property may also include radiant roof barriers and upgraded insulation, which can also greatly reduce your home’s consumption of energy. Low-E windows and exterior sunscreens are very effective in lowering the amount of exterior heat that your home absorbs. This heat would otherwise make its way inside, and would cost the homeowner more to keep it cool. If you can keep the heat out, you will use less electricity!

Discover Other Simple Solutions

Other, less expensive ways to “go green” include purchasing high-efficiency HVAC systems and Energy Star appliances. Install digital thermostats with timers to further maximize your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Outside, choose to plant trees and shrubs that require less water. Installing low-flow toilets inside the house is also a great way to conserve water. Buyers will find all of these features and more when they look into purchasing eco-friendly homes. Purchase a green property today, and do your part to contribute to a healthier environment for generations to come.

Source by Anita Koppens

Eco Friendly Mountain Homes and Land Near Asheville – Green Real Estate in Western North Carolina

In 2007 issues like pollution, cancer and global warming are found on the American news every week. In the last five years these universal problems have been acknowledged and started to emerge in mainstream consciousness. Solutions such as renewable energy, green building and organic farming are now hot topics being talked about on TV, in newspapers and on the radio. In order to reserve the planet for future generations, it is essential that natural green building is embroidered and eco homes and other green practices become the standard. One community that is leading the way is a beautiful city nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains: Asheville, North Carolina.

Working Together to Preserve Western North Carolina

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of WNC environmental concerns are a top priority. Preserving the natural environment of the mountains insures the health and safety of communities throughout the region. The city of Asheville, along with other counties and towns in WNC, like Black Mountain, recognizes that green space, green building and alternative resources are the wave of the future. Asheville is home to numerous green projects and initiatives. Blue Ridge BioFuels is an organization that has opened six biodiesel pumps at gas stations in the area. Blue Ridge BioFuels also supplies BioHeat for furnaces. Home delivery and competitive prices make it simple to begin using alternative fuels at home and on the road. Green building also plays a huge role in preserving local natural resources. Use of recyclable construction materials, rainwater collection systems, and solar power all benefit the forests, animals and people.

The Possibilities Are Endless With Green Real Estate in Asheville, NC

In December of 2006 Asheville joined about fifty other municipalities across the country and passed a resolution stating that all new municipal buildings will be built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specifications. LEED is a nationally accepted green building rating system created by the US, Green Building Council, , and sets the standard for the design, construction and maintenance of energy efficient homes and buildings. Asheville is also home to the Western North Carolina Green Building Council (WNCGBC), . WNCGBC educates local contractors and builders about the latest green building techniques and practices. WNCGBC also works with city, state and county officials to make eco-friendly recommendations for local building standards. In Asheville, NC homebuyers searching for eco homes or green home building projects have a variety of options from downtown apartments to eco-friendly, real estate developments.

Sustainable Green Building: Find the Perfect, Eco-Friendly Real Estate in Western North Carolina

In Asheville, NC many homeowners, architects and builders work diligently to follow eco-friendly building, design and maintenance plans. To complete a green building project specific topics must be addressed including:

-Sustainable Development

-Alternative Energy

-Energy Efficiency

-Green Building Materials

-Forest Preservation

-Renable Resources

Whether you are searching for a green condo centrally located in downtown Asheville or an eco home in a private, gated community you can find the perfect green real estate in Western North Carolina. In the mountains it is simple to contribute and help preserve Asheville's excellent quality of life for years to come.

Source by Jane Kayton

Green Energy That Will Move You!

“I would like to find a way to save money and help out the environment by going ‘green’ but i just don’t know were to start in order to find something that will really make an impact…!”

We are hearing comments like this more and more now days, and its unfortunate, but so many people are still unsure of were to find the answers! The answer to this problem is to start small by proactively going about changing the way you do things around your home; here are some simple and effective things you can do to make a start today:

– Reduce and recycle your waste

– limit the use of harsh chemical and don’t pour them down the drain

– Take shorter showers and install a water efficient shower head

– Using the half flush can really add up to savings

– Wash your cloths using the cold wash and only do so when you have a full load

– Avoid running air conditioners to far above or below 22 C or 71 F

– Use a trigger nozzle on your garden hose

– install water saving devices on taps and shower heads

– etc…

If your willing to make a more substantial investment for the long term the following avenues could be explored too:

– Buy more energy efficient appliances and be sure to maintain them e.g. fridge door seals, clean air conditioner filters etc…

– Have your home insulated

– Install a heat pump or solar hot water heating system

– Install Solar panels

– Geothermal heating and cooling

– Install a water tank to capture rain water and/or a grey water treatment system and connect it to your toilet and washing machine and garden sprinkler system.

These are all great ideas and can save you a fortune and in some cases totally offset the cost of water and energy bills not to mention you will be making a difference for the good of the planet!

So this is great advice for around the house, what about when were out and about? Well, the real objective of this brief article today is to shed some light on an effective solution that we can all implement that will save us money, mother earth and as well as this even provides a few little benefits along the way all for a minimal cost to you! It’s called a HHO system!

What is a HHO system?

HHO or H2O is the acronym used to describe the building blocks of water which is two parts hydrogen and one part Oxygen. The HHO system is used as an additional energy source along with an existing pertol/desiel or LPG fuel system to power the engine of any type of vehicle we use. It’s purpose put simple is to supplement a large majority of the gas required to run your engine with nothing more then water (H2O), or at least that’s how it starts out!

How does it work?

In simple terms a HHO system uses a device that extracts the Hydrogen component from water in the form of a gas, this is done through a process called Hydro-electrolysis (type this into your search engine for a wealth of knowledge about this truly amazing phenomenon), flexible pipes are then used to feed the gas produced into your car’s air intake were it is eventually combined with the air and fuel in your engines combustion chamber were it is burnt off to provide the driving force which is said to be up to 30 % more powerful is most cases with the use of this system!

Will this save me money?

Absolutely, because you are using the power of hydrogen gas to supplement a large portion of the gas normally used to power your vehicle’s engine, savings begin from the moment you turn the key. For the average car owner savings of up to $1,200 a year are possible with SUV owners reporting even bigger savings with an average of about $2,100 a year. You will still need to visit the bowser for gas, although the frequency you will need to do this will be reduced considerably.

Is it safe to use and are there any other benefits?

A HHO system is extremely safe and relatively easy to install and most of all user friendly. Once burnt off, the hydrogen gas is condensed back into H2O! This time however in the form of a super heated DRY steam which provides further benefits such as a cleaner engine with a lowering operating temperature! The most impressive part of the whole process though is how it can reduce the HC, Co, Co2 and No2 emissions produced by your car to almost insignificant levels which is great for the environment with a bonus of more power for the user!!!

The HHO system is a great way for you to expand on those great efforts applied in the home whilst you are out and about!

So are you interested in knowing more about how this is done?

Please visit our website for more information and instructions on how to start saving money and the world today.

Source by Ben Caswell

Going Green – Top 10 Green Housing Trends

People are more interested in "Going Green" than ever since it is not only the best way to protect the planet but also a great way to save money. Technology continues to create new and better ways of using less energy, particularly when it comes to energy use in the home. While people are taking advantage of some of the energy-saving products that have become available to them, there are some that are more popular than others.

Not only are consumers looking for more energy-saving solutions but retailers, manufacturers, and home builders are also seeking out ways to answer the demand. These are ten of the top green housing trends today:

1. Solar water heaters are a great way to save energy and money even if you do not have a solar powered home. Traditional water heaters are responsible for a lot of the energy requirements of a normal household. The more family members there are, the more you can save on energy use with a solar powered water heater that works from solar panels installed on the roof.

2. Purchasing sustainable wood products is becoming a more important consideration. Those items such as furniture and flooring that are made from sustainable wood means that they do not take away from the wood preserved for future generations. These products are replaced with new tree growth as they are taken from a reserve.

3. Energy Star Compliant products are increasing in number and affordability. While there are still those people that think you have to purchase the top-of-the-line products to get those that are most energy efficient, this is no longer true. When it's time to replace an old refrigerator, room air conditioner, or range, look for those that are Energy Star compliant and you will find great choices in all price ranges that will use a lot less energy.

4. Low-Emittance windows and doors are some of the most effective housing trends builders are using today. They provide your home with natural light but block UV from the sun that is responsible for heating it up during the summer months. These windows and doors have different ratings according to what percentage of the sun's rays they block.

5. There's more to the copper roofs that are sprouting up on homes everywhere than just a tool for providing unique looks. Copper is also very resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions so that roofs do not have to be replaced. In the event that one is removed, copper can always be recycled and never left in the landfill.

6. Building smaller homes is one way that home builders are meeting the demand for more energy efficiency. This reduces the needs for materials and for the energy needed to maintain them.

7. People are also more concerned with the availability of clean water and are finding more ways to conserve water. Low-flow toilets, fixtures and showerheads are designed to use less water.

8. Insulation in the attic of the home is not a new idea but many of the products used today are. Most of the heat a home loses is through the roof and some of the new types of insulation can prevent almost all of the energy loss that normally occurs.

9. Hard wood floors are not always considered when going green but they are a great replacement for carpets that are full of chemicals and which must be replaced after a number of years. Any natural, hard substance such as stone, bamboo, or natural linoleum is a better choice because it is safe to your family and is sustainable.

10. Solar energy from the use of solar panels has been around for a long time. Today, it is a more convenient alternative energy source that is cost effective. Solar energy systems can be used in combination with your regular fuel source to ensure you are never without power.

As the demand for green products continues to grow, the quality and selection are certain to produce many new housing trends that will produce energy efficiency in the future.

Source by Gary R.