Natural Gas to Dominate Energy Market in United States?

It looks like all of the sudden natural gas has become one of the hottest energy topics in United States and all of the sudden almost all major energy analysts believe that natural gas will become game changer that could even slow down the future development of renewable energy technologies.

We are talking here about currently one of the cheapest energy options, and its low prices will very likely remain low in years to come, mostly because of the significant technological improvement, with the most noticeable being of course the shale gas extraction.

In light of all this, even US president Obama recently talked about this energy source as one of the obvious energy solutions for United States. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, accounting for significantly less carbon emissions compared to coal, some environmentalists would say the least evil of the fossil fuel triumvirate. This is why many energy experts talk about it as clean energy source though this is not the case because despite emitting significantly less greenhouse gases compared to coal, it can still end up as the major contributor to climate change and global warming.

Natural gas is primarily used for heating, and then for electricity generation. Lately there has been also talk about the natural gas powered vehicles, and we’ll soon see whether this market will become success in years to come. In any case, it looks like this segment of energy market is living its Renaissance in United States, and by the current looks of it, this positive trend will not end any time soon.

Hopefully, this situation will not slow down the development of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal.

Source by Ned Hall